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To lead, inspire lifestyle through cultural values of brands.

We are not a traditional importer or a distributor.
Because there are many out there already.
We desire to become a little different,
dream a little bigger. 

Finding valuable brands around the world and delivering authentic values to the market will make a positive impact on lifestyles and further create a culture people truly enjoy. 
The brands we seek can be in another country, our own or might not even exist yet.
As long as there is one, we will continue to excavate. If not, we might be able to create one. 
By any means possible, we want anyone who encounters our brands to be different. We imagine that our brands are so immersed in their lifestyle that it is impossible to live without them. This imagination is what drives and excites us.



Think about the meaning
of the numbers before explanation 

The seven-digit, codified numbers reflect our vision.
This is our dream in the near future. We hope to encounter 8 to 9 out of a possible 10 people to use and relish our brands 24 hours, 7 days a week. Like a magic spell, we are motivated when we see our brands crossing cultures and connecting with the masses.

One-O-eight-nine. Twenty-four-seven.
We believe this will be a reality sooner than we expected.

Company History


Official distributor of TOMS / USA

This all started in a 60m² small office located in GWANGHWAMUN. CONNEX SOLUTION Inc. begins its journey by signing a distributorship agreement
with TOMS in 2007. From managing orders, deliveries, packing, to shooting product images, every process was done by five starting members.


Official distributor of VICTORIA SHOES / SPAIN

Shortly after the success of TOMS, CONNEX SOLUTION managed the introduction of VICTORIA to the market. Especially popular with kids’ style VICTORIA has been beloved by couples and families since 2010.





Official distributor of CANADA GOOSE / CANADA

Official distributor of VIBRAM / ITALY
Official distributor of K.HALL DESIGNS/ USA

Official distributor of BROOKS RUNNING / USA

Official distributor of FISHS EDDY / USA
Official distributor of LSTN / USA


Official distributor of GRAMICCI / JAPAN

Official distributor of HERITAGE FLOSS / KOREA


Official distributor of WILD THINGS / JAPAN

Official distributor of UNIVERSAL OVERALL / JAPAN

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